Welcome to the U16A Raptors! It’s time to take a break from hockey, recharge, and enjoy your summer, but it’s also the best time to get your mind and body ready for next season.

And welcome to Moosaysthecow! This website is designed to as a reference source for our team’s goals, systems, tactics, and training materials. (See more about this site)

You may find that the ways we do things are a little different than teams you’ve been on in the past. We will be sharing a lot of information digitally. This site is for reference, and we use TeamSnap for schedules, rosters, and other logistical details. Even our practice plans will be online.

During the season, we will focus a lot of attention to improving your mindset so that you’re focused on growth, positivity, and strength. We will talk a lot about how the brain works, the importance of building good habits, and much more. So you’ll see some messaging over the summer that begins to raise these ideas as well.

And lastly, even though we want you to take a break from hockey, we do want you to remain active and be in good shape for camp. Starting after Memorial Day, we want you to work in a 20-minute workout at least three days a week that should get you ready!

WeekStarting MondayPre-season Activity
-13May 13Fittings
-12May 20Memorial Day Holiday
-11May 27Summer Workouts begin
-10June 3
-9June 10Parent Meeting
-8June 17
-7June 24
-6July 1July 4th!
-5July 8
-4July 15
-3July 22
-2July 29
-1August 5Camp Schedule Released
0August 12
Pre-season schedule – countdown to 2024 Camp