Camp Schedule

Friday, Aug 18

5:45pmCommencement Ceremony
As our first team activity, players and coaches will enter into an agreement to coach and be coached.  Parents are welcome to attend.
Raptors U18AA Locker Room
6:15pmAbout Camp
A quick review of camp schedule and what we will do for the skate
Raptors U18AA Locker Room
Players and Coaches will introduce themselves (and each other)
Raptors U18AA Locker Room
7:30pmGet DressedLockers 6 and 8
8:00pmFirst Skate
Practice Plan
Forest Rink
9:00pmGet undressed and end of day one

Saturday, Aug 19

10:00amWarm Up and Mile Run
Coach Ben will walk the team through our standard warmup and then we’ll do a mile run around the factory
Meet at Raptors Office in Factory
11:00amStart with Why
We’ll talk about our purpose as well as the kind of culture we want to set. In addition, we will introduce the elite performer mindset.
U18AA Locker Room
12:45pmGet DressedGold-Locker 5
Blue-Locker 7
1:15pmIce Session 2
We will do some common drills that we will do a lot this year, as well as some skating and shooting drills to take video.
Practice Plan
Forest Rink
2:15pmGet undressedLocker ?
2:30pmLunch & Logistics
Have lunch and we’ll review details about practices, tournaments, game schedules, etc.
House of Sports Classroom
4:00pmFitness Testing
Situps, pushups, etc.
Factory Indoor Field
5:30pmGet DressedLocker ?
6:00pmIce Session 3
Skating evaluations, game warmups
Forest Rink
7:30pmGet undressed and end of day two

Sunday, Aug 20

9:00amSystems Overview
We will review our standard plays for breakouts, faceoffs, penalty kills, and power plays
U18AA Locker Room
10:00amSystems Walk-through
Taking what we’ve learned from earlier, we’ll break into groups and walk through positioning for each system.
11:00amTeam Tactical Themes
Quick review of some common themes you’ll hear all season
U18AA Locker Room
11:45amLunch & Stations
You’ll have lunch and go through a checklist of preparatory exercises
1:45pmGoal Setting and Rituals
U18AA Locker Room
2:45pmLow RopesTBD
3:45pmBlue/White Game Prep
We’ll handle this like a game, with the appropriate warmups, etc.
Locker ?
4:45pmBlue/White GameRink TBD
6:15pmGet undressed and end of camp
Classroom Instruction
Off-Ice exercise
Lunch or snack