Tactics and Themes

  • Ankle Mobility
    Why it’s so important Hockey Training Article
  • Basic Attacks
    F1 is the puck carrier who is first in the zone. His role is to carry the puck into the zone and buy a little time for teammates to enter to set up play options. If F1 goes straight to the net and shoots, it’s considered an “unsupported” shot, meaning that our teammates can’t get… Read more: Basic Attacks
  • Crossing the Slot Line
    Also known as the Royal Road OMHA Article from 2019
  • High Slot
    When attacking the opponents’ zone, we have the habit of crashing the net, but there are a lot of reasons to have one forward positioned in the high slot. First, what is the high slot? The high slot is not right in front of the net – that’s the low slot (in purple above). The… Read more: High Slot