Our Rituals


What we as a team agree to wear to represent the team and our professionalism.

Player helmets should have raptors logo affixed on the sides and numbers at the rear. No other stickers or custom markings should be on the helmets (other than HECC certification)

Hats for game days should either be Raptors branded, or generic hockey branded (Bauer, Easton, etc.) – no messages.


Game Attire – On Ice

All players must wear game jerseys, shells and socks (no practice socks) in order to play.

Laces can be any solid color (no multicolor).

Stick tape on blade can be black or white. Handles can be any solid color – two colors at a maximum.

Game Day Attire – Home

For home games that occur at or after 9am, players should wear a collared shirt and khaki (tan-colored) pants, with the Raptors track suit jacket. For home games that occur before 9am, Game Day Travel Attire is suitable (see below).

Shirt: Formal shirt (tie is optional) in a solid color such as white, blue, or grey. No red. If the shirt has a very subtle pattern, that’s acceptable, but visible stripes aren’t acceptable.

If the weather is cold, it is acceptable to wear a sweater over the shirt and under the track jacket. This sweater should be solid and color should be some version of white, blue, or gray.

Pants: Khaki or khaki colored jeans are acceptable. If the weather is warm, short khakis are acceptable until September 30.

Shoes: Shoes should be good quality and clean, positively reflecting our team. Slides and crocs are absolutely unacceptable.

Game Day Attire – Travel

For travel games unless otherwise specified, players should wear the Raptors track suit with a clean, solid color polo shirt or solid color collared shirt. Colors should be white, blue, or grey. No Red. Shorts are not an option after October 31.

Game Day Warm Up Attire

Players should wear standard Raptors warm-up and/or track suits, depending upon the weather. Some type of Raptors gear, but colors should reflect Raptors.

Game Bench Access

During a game, players will get on the ice by going over the boards. As players leave, the next ones to go will slide down to the middle of the bench. Players returning from the ice will enter the bench through the doors.

On a penalty kill, the player leaving the box on the fly should come to the first door unless coaches explicitly indicate they should go out on the ice.

Game Day Pre-Game

PhaseDescriptionTime Remaining
Player ArrivalSticks in the rack. Jerseys hanging at a stall, with number facing out. Bag in front of stall lengthwise. This is a good time to tape sticks, change laces, fill water bottles, check equipment, etc.60 min
Off-Ice WarmupPlayers go through warm-up activities together50 min
Get dressedPlayers get dressed. Social talk gradually transitions to getting focused on the game ahead. Music allowed until 20 min left. At that point, it’s time for players to visualize their role, stop being social and get dialed in.
20 min total
30 min
Coaches talkCoaches outline game objectives, etc.
3-5 min total
10 min
Take the icePlayers skate to bench, drop extra stick and begin warmups6 min
On-Ice WarmupTwo laps
Three-shot warmups
Two on ones
Shoot pucks in net
5 min
Puck Drop0 min


Other than 4:15pm practices, players should arrive in locker room 30 minutes before we are supposed to be on ice.

At end of practice, the loser of the last competitive drill is responsible to pick up pucks. In lieu of that, leadership group.

Water Bottles

You must bring your own water bottles to practices and games. Coaches will take water bottles to the bench for games. Coaches will not fill up water bottles