Category: Mindset

  • Accountability

    We hear the word all the time, but rarely understand what it really means to be accountable. As a definition, being accountable means you are expected to justify your actions […]

  • Growth Mindset

    Growth mindset describes a way of viewing challenges and setbacks. People who have a growth mindset believe that even if they struggle with certain skills, their abilities aren’t set in […]

  • Achieving Your Dreams

    Plan: Every day you have to have a plan. We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan. All the work you need to do to achieve your goal should […]

  • Do I need Talent?

    10 Things that require ZERO talent Being on time Work Ethic Effort Body Language Energy Attitude Passion Being Coachable Doing Extra Being Prepared

  • Elite Performer Mindset

    Growing sometimes happens unconsciously, but if you are determined to improve, you must make a conscious choice to prepare yourself for the process. Skill building takes time and effort. I […]

  • Blaming

    Nobody likes… …to be wrong …to be in trouble …to face negative consequences When bad stuff happens, you can choose to FACE THE CONSEQUENCES SHIFT THE BLAME Results could be […]