20 – Golden Bears

Exhibition game against the Golden Bears held at home in Wake Forest.

Going into this game, the Bears are 74.62 MHR (we are 74.65), so very comparable teams. However, their record is 1-11, so they might be highly motivated to play well against us since we are the lowest ranked team they have played thus far.

Pre-game points: Game’s outcome will be decided by who makes the least mistakes. Important that we are disciplined. Lock it down and set the tone.


Lost 0-2. Energy level was low – not going after the puck.

Goalies were confused about who was playing first this weekend – neither was prepared. Noisy went in, but it didn’t seem like he was ready. Jacoby was out sick; Brownie out with his shoulder injury. A few others were playing under the weather – Keener, Jakub, Turf. It showed.

We got 11 penalties (a couple of 2 and 10s) and many folks didn’t show much energy, particularly in the 3rd.

Refereeing wasn’t great.

Post-game Points: 1) no more stupid penalties, and 2) Get to the puck

Start time : Nov 11, 2023 at 20:02
Scoring summary123OTF
Raleigh Raptors 2023-2400000
NC Golden Bears11002
Shots on goal123OTF
Raleigh Raptors 2023-248123023
NC Golden Bears3810021
* Shots on goal in the 3rd period was a function of them being on power play most of the period.
Home goaliesGASVSV%


Players out: Brownie (shoulder injury), Jacoby (illness)