Faceoff – Defensive Zone

Five Across Lineup

Three players in slot in front of our net.  

Take a look at where your assignment is, and watch the puck drop out of your peripheral vision.

As soon as the puck leaves the referee’s hand, EXPLODE toward your assignment.

Outside D – (RD in the picture above) moving down behind the center. If the puck is won or pushed behind our center, you’ll pick it up as quickly as possible and carry it behind the net to break out on the opposite side.

Outside Wing – (RW in the picture above) moving to the outside point, by way of the face-off. You might be able to get to the puck as you go by the centers, or pick it off if it wasn’t won clean by their center. Either way, you’ll skate hard towards their point… if it goes to him, you won’t give him a lot of time to think and might block his shot. Also, if he does get it, you’ll have your stick in front of you trying to pick off his pass to the other point.

Inside Wing – moving towards the inside point. You’ll have to read and react to a lot of potential situations:
– Our D picks it up and starts going behind our net: You’ll want to get to the far wall as quickly as possible, ready to receive a breakout pass at any moment.
– We lose and it goes to the far point: You’ll want to intercept a potential D-to-D pass.

Center – check that everyone is in position before moving into the circle!